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Basket and Wild Flowers


Each day, I greet the sky. It's such a simple offering, and yet so powerful, for I'm affirming that the sky is worthy of a greeting, a beloved part of my world and my extended, other-than-human family.


To some, this familial perspective may feel radical, but in cultures around the world, an all-encompassing kinship is nothing new. They remember that humans and nature are not separate, but made of the same stuff.


How might the state of our Earth be changed if each of us offered greetings to the sky? If we offered flower petals of gratitude to water or sang songs of solidarity to trees? I imagine our relationship with life on this planet would change, and with it, our lifestyles of habitual extraction and consumption would give way to renewed healing and hope.

Please join me on a journey of restoration, regeneration and reverence. May it do some good in this world.

AW Collection
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